What Is Cold

Am I talking about the weather that we refer to cold?Or a heinous cold crime/murder/rape that we usually refer to...None I'm talking about the Cold passive feeling called LoveNow when we conclude Cold what could be the color of it?Red/Black/White Or Grey I think it has no color as it leaves your heart bleeding in a … Continue reading What Is Cold

A slice of cake or A slice of Life?

Hey there fellow readers!I know it's been a while since I've been actively writing or reading. Rather than giving some lame excuse I would simply like to point out that I was a bit engaged in personal affairs…However I'm back and ought to keep writing,reading and getting inspired! Now the header of my blog says … Continue reading A slice of cake or A slice of Life?

Self Worth

Something that you shouldn't ask for but given freely is the term “Self Worth” .But given by whom?Start from your ownself first and then expect others to give you the same... More than often we all at some point undermine ourselves,be it for comparison or some inferiority complex but that does not take away your … Continue reading Self Worth

Dear Teachers

Even though this content is for my respective teachers but having said that, I guess my first Teachers were my parents, so I'd like to thank one and all for their Lessons N Teachings... Speaking about teachers is just walking down the memory lane...And my first journey started with Learning Tree Kolkata my kindergarten school...My … Continue reading Dear Teachers